Implementation and performance of a standard LDM engine for future automotive applications

Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
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Thesis Type: Thesis in Telecommunication/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Automotive Engineering

• brief knowledge of 80211 wireless standards
• Basic knowledge of Linux Operating system and embedded platforms
• Advanced knowledge of C language
• Advanced software development skills
• Knowledge about database architectures is a plus

In the context of intelligent transport systems (ITS), a wide set of standards are being developed with the aim to allow ad-hoc communication between vehicles and allow vehicular applications to access vehicle information in real time. Currently, the standard common aggregation point of vehicle information, is the Local Dynamic Map (LDM). LDM is a database that contains a real time picture of the ITS environment surrounding the vehicle. From the application point of view, a set of applications (designed at ISMB) intended to provide information from vehicle to LDM and exploit information available on the LDM, are under continuous development in order to build a standard compliant prototype of ITS vehicle's on board unit. Current ongoing developments of such LDM require specific design decisions in order to fulfill performance targets for future vehicles and being also compliant with the ITS standard.

Objective: The main goal of this thesis work is to explore different architectural possibilities and then implement a practical candidate LDM solution, which will work in our currently available embedded platforms; the student will also analyze LDM performance in terms of computational weight, response times, etc of the solutions proposed. The implementation will be standard-compliant and will be based on the current developments carried out by ISMB. The LDM will be tested using currently prototype automotive applications, developed by ISMB, on a real (or at least nearest to real) vehicle scenario. The student will have the opportunity to be in contact with European projects environments in the vehicular sector.

Contact: interested candidates send a resume with attached the list of exams/grades taken during the Bachelor of Science to specifying the thesis title.