Projects: Smart Health

Progetti in corso
P-MOSP Platform for Monitoring Personal Health
Ongoing Projects
CLAB Alzheimer Utilise state-of-the-art in ICT in order to develop an integrated solution for the self-management of Alzheimer-affected patients
CLAB Rehabilitation Interface access and cooperation biofeedback for rehabilation
FaPre An integrated home automation Fall Prevention / Fall Detection system that will prove highly acceptable to its target user
KSERA Integration of assistive home technologies and service robotics to support elderly users in a domestic environment
PHS 4x4 Study and prototyping of an e-Health solution
Terminated Projects
DEGAS Development of novel clinical endpoints for clinical trials with a regulatory and patient access intention.
Telemonitoring through multisensor wrist watch Indoor (home) telemonitoring system able to detect physiological parameters
VISUS Design and prototyping of a white cane for blind people to provide navigation tools