Projects: Navigation Technologies

Ongoing Projects
Glove Proposal which investigates the mutual benefits coming from the cross-domain integration between Galileo/EGNOS GNSS and VANETs
SRT LOCUPS Innovative embedded Real Time system, for an Ultra-Precise geographical and local localization, providing a Safe identification and communication
TRITON TRusted vessel Information from Trusted On-board iNstrumentation (TRITON) focuses on increasing the trustworthiness of on-board instrumentation used to report vessel information to the control organisms.
WalkEGNOS The project proposes a solution addressed to some issues related with the outdoor activities, both leisure and professional, with a particular focus in the mountain environment.
Terminated Projects
ERSEC It is a project focused on the application of EGNOS/GNSS to road transport through an appropriate integration and data fusion with data coming from other measuring instruments.
JRC-Ispra ISMB supported IPSC researchers in the analysis of interfering signals on GNSS receivers
Piattaforma IoT Technology platform that allows the interoperability of heterogeneous devices
SAFEPORT The project aims to assist the move towards safe and efficient control of the transit of all vessels in a port, from the port entrance to their berths and out again
SIGNATURE Prototyping a GNSS-based solution for road applications which provides a high integrity, or trustworthy, solution in a cost-effective and scalable manner
Smart-State Advanced solutions prototyping supporting the mining sites operations, mainly mobility management
SMAT-F1 SMAT is led by Alenia Aeronautica S.p.A., with the major goal of developing an advanced civilian system for land monitoring
SWAN Development of new GNSS receiving equipment on software defined radio architectures terminals able to operate with GPS and Galileo signals
Thales DGPS