Projects: Applied Photonics

Ongoing Projects
CALIBER Development of a novel efficient and compact laser source for a Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system.
FABULOUS Silicon Photonics components for application in next-generation passive optical networks
LIFE Studying laser systems for laser-cut based on the fibre-laser approach, working at eye-safe wavelength regimes
OCTOPUS Adoption of low-cost transimssion systems based on Polymer Optical Fibres (POF) to be used in critical environments
SIMPLE The use and deployment of laser-based optical equipment for environmental sensing
Very-High-Speed Optical Communications Setting up a laboratory experiment using 16 channels at 10Gb/s with PM-64QAM modulation, demonstrating that the target distance of at least 600 km is reachable with a gross spectral efficiency of at least 10b/s/Hz.
Terminated Projects
NABLA Silica thin films with antibacterial functionality
POF-PLUS Producing new components and subsystems for transmitting at more than 1Gb/s over POF in home-environment