Projects: Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics

Ongoing Projects
Cloud Computing per le PMI Creation of a Research Unit in Sardinia to develop cloud computing platforms
DemoGRAPE Realization of a Cloud computing platform to share and process GNSS data acquired in the polar regions
EnerCloud Realization of a system for the optimization of energy consumption of public illumination
i-Bio Create a web platform based on Cloud Computing of Open Source Drug Discoverye
LEB Creation of a new methodology for the construction and analysis of territorial energy balances.
Mulegate The project aims to develop a prototype of a system of interconnection between IP networks
Multi-scale library for high-fidelity EM modelling Develop a novel computational approach for the electromagnetic analysis of large multi-scale problems
MWI – MicroWave Imaging Designing and implementing the wideband antennas to be used as transmitter/receiver in the MWI tomographic system
Parametric Electromagnetic Modeling Develop a proof-of-concept demonstrator of a Parametric Electromagnetic Modeling System for antenna design
RADIODRY - Radio Frequency Paper Dryer The prroject aims to develop a RF system to dry printed paper; such system is meant to be applied on existing offset printing lines and / or to new ones
RAILWAVES Onboard train monitoring based on the Wireless Sensors Network
SnowBall Project’s overall objective is to increase preparedness and response capacities of decision-makers, emergency planners and first responders in respect to amplifying hazards in large disasters
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Terminated Projects
AR3 Understanding of the usage of the Virtual Reality devices for the purposes of the Augmented Reality, using devices created for the Virtual Reality integrated with a couple of external cameras to merge the real environment with the virtual elemens.
CloudCEM Creation of a Cloud Computing infrastructure that permits the rapid and cost-effective creation of simulations of electromgnetic effects on very complex structure