Projects: T

TA-SL Develop a system that manages occupational safety and health (OSH) in yards using pervasive and cooperatives technologies Pervasive Technologies
TCBL - Textile and Clothing Business Labs Test-bed for evolutionary-driven co-design, dynamic optimization and deployment of business models. Innovation Development
Telemonitoring through multisensor wrist watch Indoor (home) telemonitoring system able to detect physiological parameters Smart Health
TeraFly Definition and prototyping of image processing system for automatic detection in aeronautical composite materials Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
TERASUPER For more information pelase visit the italian part of our website. Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
Thales DGPS Navigation Technologies
TRITON TRusted vessel Information from Trusted On-board iNstrumentation (TRITON) focuses on increasing the trustworthiness of on-board instrumentation used to report vessel information to the control organisms. Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions Navigation Technologies

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