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SAFEPORT The project aims to assist the move towards safe and efficient control of the transit of all vessels in a port, from the port entrance to their berths and out again Mobile Solutions Navigation Technologies
SDI Spatial Data Infrastructure Realization of a high availability cluster analysis solution for the space data infrastructure geodatabase Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics
SEEMPubS Monitoring and management of energy consumption system based on ICT to reduce energy usage Smart Energy Smart City Pervasive Technologies
Sensorized Bearing System The main objective of the project was to develop a monitoring system for bearings in order to perform a preventive maintenance of the operating machine. Pervasive Technologies
Shopping Cart Definition of an integrated, intelligent shopping cart based on RFID technology, payment by electronic transaction between mobile phone and cash based on the NFC protocol Pervasive Technologies
SIEPI The intelligent management process of lighting systems is the focus of the SIEPI project Smart Energy Smart City
SIGNATURE Prototyping a GNSS-based solution for road applications which provides a high integrity, or trustworthy, solution in a cost-effective and scalable manner Navigation Technologies
SIMPLE The use and deployment of laser-based optical equipment for environmental sensing Applied Photonics
SKOOL Development of a social platform for creating and sharing educational content between teachers, students and specialists, with special attention for children with learning disabilities (SLD). Innovation Development
Smart-State Advanced solutions prototyping supporting the mining sites operations, mainly mobility management Navigation Technologies
SMAT-F1 SMAT is led by Alenia Aeronautica S.p.A., with the major goal of developing an advanced civilian system for land monitoring Navigation Technologies
SMAT-F2 Creation of an integrated monitoring system of the territory through Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, coordinated and managed by the collection stations and data processing. Innovation Development
SMILE-O An Internet of Things-based framework for the optimization of electricity consumption and production Smart Energy Smart City Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics Pervasive Technologies
SnowBall Project’s overall objective is to increase preparedness and response capacities of decision-makers, emergency planners and first responders in respect to amplifying hazards in large disasters Mobile Solutions Innovation Development Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics
SONNETS Renovating of the way the public sector operates by suggesting a concrete set of actions that will place the public sector in the front line of tackling societal challenges. Innovation Development
SRT LOCUPS Innovative embedded Real Time system, for an Ultra-Precise geographical and local localization, providing a Safe identification and communication Navigation Technologies
STORIES Requirements identification of a "smart metering" systems, from the HMI point of view Smart Energy Pervasive Technologies
STRUCTURES For more information please visit the italian part of our website Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics
SWAN Development of new GNSS receiving equipment on software defined radio architectures terminals able to operate with GPS and Galileo signals Navigation Technologies

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