Projects: R

RADIODRY - Radio Frequency Paper Dryer The prroject aims to develop a RF system to dry printed paper; such system is meant to be applied on existing offset printing lines and / or to new ones Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics
RAILWAVES Onboard train monitoring based on the Wireless Sensors Network Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics
Re-entry vehicle communication technology Build a simulation environment for the prediction of radiowave propagation for space vehicles Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
REGIONAL-IST (2001-2003) Study eGovernment and eBusiness diffusion in some European regions in order to compare their ICT usage level Innovation Development
RFIDinEUROPE To position the EU as a world leader in RFID excellence Pervasive Technologies
RilevaTOR Multimedia solution for collecting and archiving multimedia data relating to street furniture in the city of Turin Mobile Solutions
ROSA-ROSSA Research and Operational Satellite and Software Activities Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics

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