Projects: P

P-MOSP Platform for Monitoring Personal Health Smart Health
PADGETS (2010-2012) Design, develop and deploy a prototype tool set that will allow policy makers to create web applications that will be deployed in the environment of underlying knowledge in web 2.0 media Smart City Innovation Development
Parametric Electromagnetic Modeling Develop a proof-of-concept demonstrator of a Parametric Electromagnetic Modeling System for antenna design Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics
Peer-to-Peer Positioning Explore and demonstrate the benefits of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Positioning for GNSS users Pervasive Technologies
PHS 4x4 Study and prototyping of an e-Health solution Smart Health
Piattaforma IoT Technology platform that allows the interoperability of heterogeneous devices Mobile Solutions Innovation Development Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions Navigation Technologies Pervasive Technologies
Piedmont ICT Observatory Promoting an evidence based management of the information society thanks to the use of solid and scientific methodologies of the creation of relevant time series on ICT adoption, usage and impact Innovation Development
Pig Wise Optimizing performance and welfare of fattening pigs using High Frequent Radio Frequency Identification (HF RFID) and synergistic control on individual level. Pervasive Technologies
PIUCULTURA Development of an innovative product for fostering and exploiting the italian cultural heritage through the integration of innovative technologies. Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics
PleTORa - Powerless Target Oriented Radio Powerless Target Oriented Radio Pervasive Technologies
POF-PLUS Producing new components and subsystems for transmitting at more than 1Gb/s over POF in home-environment Applied Photonics

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