Projects: M

MACP4LOG Mobile Autonomous and Cooperating robotic Platforms for supervision and monitoring of large LOGistic surfaces Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
MASP Develop of a sensorial/informative system with distributed intelligence for environmental monitoring Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions Pervasive Technologies
Mediaset Code Definition and implementation of a coding system to cope with several formats conversion and transcoding Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
MICRO-CLOUD Integration embedded terminals with a technologically avant-garde platform for managing processes and products lifecycles done in cloud computing Mobile Solutions
MICROSYN Demonstrative production plant able to produce electricity from biomass with variable composition. Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions Pervasive Technologies
MISE_CIRA Development of an innovative ITU H.264 video encoder for testing of innovative Motion Estimation techniques Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
MISTRAL Elaboration of the Technical Specification of the future communication system for all railways in light of the migration from the current obsolete GSM-R. Innovation Development
MoMa Intelligent HUB for Mobile Mash-up over IP. The development of a software architecture for the modelling, design and provision of information processes over IP Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
Moulin Rouge Study and prototyping of a solution for distributing multimedia content over home IP networks Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
Mulegate The project aims to develop a prototype of a system of interconnection between IP networks Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
Multi-Radio Multi-radio communication platform for industrial and aerospace applications Mobile Solutions Pervasive Technologies
Multi-scale library for high-fidelity EM modelling Develop a novel computational approach for the electromagnetic analysis of large multi-scale problems Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics
MWI – MicroWave Imaging Designing and implementing the wideband antennas to be used as transmitter/receiver in the MWI tomographic system Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics

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