Projects: E

E-Museum Solution for the management of cultural assets (text, images, audio and video) Innovation Development
EBBITS Enabling business-based Internet of Things and Services – An Interoperability platform for a real-world populated Internet of Things domain Smart Energy Smart City Pervasive Technologies
EcoSAT10 Realization of an innovative hardware/software architecture for machine control (snowplow and spreaders) Mobile Solutions
EnerCloud Realization of a system for the optimization of energy consumption of public illumination Smart Energy Smart City Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics
ENERGY AWARENESS Optimization of the local energy consumption entities as well as through the optimization of the distributed energy production plants Smart Energy
Energy harvesting from fluid in pipes The main objective of the project is to develop a prototype based on energy harvesting to make autonomous a monitoring system for pipesSee Pervasive Technologies
ERSEC It is a project focused on the application of EGNOS/GNSS to road transport through an appropriate integration and data fusion with data coming from other measuring instruments. Navigation Technologies
Extreme Rainfall Detection System (ERDS) Project in collaboration with ITHACA (Information Technology for Humanitarian Assistance, Cooperation and Action) increase the effectiveness in approaching emergency preparedness Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics

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