Piedmont ICT Observatory

The Regional ICT Observatory (PICTO) represents one of the actions included in the WI-PIE program (http://www.wi-pie.org/). The project started in 2005 and is led by the Regional Institute for Socioeconomic Research of the Piedmont Region (IRES). A number of local organizations contribute to the activity conducted by the Observatory: CSI, CSP, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, and Politecnico di Torino.

PICTO supports regional policy makers through a policy intelligence activity on ICT related aspects. Such activity is aimed at promoting an evidence based management of the information society thanks to the use of solid and scientific methodologies of the creation of relevant time series on ICT adoption, usage and impact.

The main objectives of PICTO are:

  • document in an integrated and efficient way the ICT penetration process in the Piedmont region;
  • make available to enterprises, local administrations and the public in general the knowledge created by the observatory;
  • contribute to the design and evaluation process of public policies for the different local contexts present in the region;
  • foster the diffusion of a shared vision facilitating the creation of synergies for the adoption and usage of ICT technologies;
  • promote opportunities to share and discuss good practices present both at regional and international level.

The Technology Intelligence Lab has been involved in the PICTO project since 2005. Thanks to the participation to two European projects, REGIONAL-IST (2001-2003) and UNDERSTAND (2004) the group has achieved a significant expertise in the analysis of the dynamics of the Information Society.

Furthermore, the laboratory has focused on the study of the main drivers influencing the diffusion process of broadband infrastructures, on the one hand, and the adoption by citizens, enterprises and public administration on the other.

Finally, thanks to the collaboration with Politecnico di Torino, on a yearly basis, a longitudinal analysis is carried out in order to understand the evolutionary trends characterizing the ICT sector in the region. Such activity intends to determine the weight of this sector as well as evaluate its contributions to the region’s economic growth. Thanks to available data, the economic trend of the sector, its profitability as well as the main features of the business models adopted is analyzed.


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