Facile Cloud BSI (Biometric Secure Identification) is a two-years project, in collaboration with the company SAET Impianti Speciali and the University of Sassari, partially funded by Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (Pacchetti integrati di agevolazione (PIA) 2013).

Facile Cloud BSI was born from the need of the company SAET Impianti Speciali to strengthen the commercial offer concerning cloud services, empowering them from the security point of view by means of a biometric gateway allowing to associate uniquely a customer to its digital identity.

Videocloud is a component developed under the same project and consists of a video surveillance system composed by off-the-shelf IP cameras that can be easily deployed and configured. Videocloud manages ONVIF compliant IP devices, shows live streams from remote sources, controls the position of the cameras through PTZ function, saves in the cloud videos from alarm events.

Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics