First tests of ISMB WiSer ecosystem for connected automated driving

28 June 2018

From June 18 to 22, the Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions Research Area was in Livorno, with the other partners of the Italian Pilot site of the H2020 Autopilot project, for the first integration week focused on the highway use cases and, more specifically, on roadworks and puddles detection.

In this context, the WiSer solution of ISMB could be tested. The WiSer platform already integrates V2x wireless communications and IoT and, in the future, it will offer additional services for improving the safety and comfort of automated driving.

The outcomes of the tests were positive: the WiSer OBUs could receive warning notification messages (DENM) sent by the FI-PI-LI highway RSUs and pre-filter them so to aid the automated driving algorithms. In addition, the WiSer traffic light underwent its initial testing, thus successfully tuning for the first time the WiSer pedestrian detection algorithm.

In July, the highway testing is planned to reach a milestone and the pilot will be extended and encompass the Autopilot urban use cases: the WiSer traffic light and the WiSer bicycles will come then.

Stay tuned!