I-REACT Training Workshop and Field Exercise in UK

11 June 2018

On 13th and 14th June, in Ipswich (UK), Claudio Rossi and Vito Macchia of the Mobile Solutions Research Area will participate in the “I-REACT Training Workshop and Field Exercise: Involving communities - turning early warning into effective response”.

Representatives of emergency response services, civil protection agencies, early warning systems managers and public authorities in charge of disaster management will take part to this workshop and as professional and community end users, they will test the I-REACT system in all its functions during a typical scenario: a rain-induced riverine flood of the Orwell river.

The local organisations involved, like the Environment Agency, the Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Maldon, National Fire Chiefs council, the Hertfordshire Police and the Anglia Water, will have the opportunity to:

Discuss and learn about the role that modern technology plays in UK disaster management and flood response and learn about the specific solutions that I-REACT is developing.

Experience, through a practical field test, how I-REACT technologies can help in flood management: a smartphone app that allows citizens and responders to provide real-time reports and receive customised information for control centres. A social media analysis tool extracts relevant information for emergency managers, forecasting technologies for disaster management & early warning, emergency room decision support system for decision makers, data visualisation tools for emergency coordinators as well as wearable and augmented reality technologies for first responders.

Learn how the modular I-REACT solutions can be adapted and integrated with the current emergency technologies that are being used, to provide a faster and better response against floods, landslides, wildfires and other types of disasters.

Set forth the Emergency Responders and Civil Protection Agencies needs, to see how the I-REACT products might be optimised to enhance their operational effectiveness, especially where they might complement and enhance existing early warning and crisis management systems.

Download here the flyer of the workshop.