Experts Seminar “Natural and Artificial Threats to GNSS”

20 April 2018

On 7th-9th May 2018 ISMB and Politecnico di Torino will host the Experts Seminar “Natural and Artificial Threats to GNSS”, that will focus on a hot research topic for the improvement of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) performance.

A pool of highly qualified speakers from all around the world will provide the latest updates on the recent advancements and the future challenges to face to enable new applications of positioning and navigation thanks to sub-centimeter accuracy, robustness to disturbances, and improved reliability.

Specific attention is given to PhD students and young researchers, who will be the people in the coming years to design new GNSS-based technologies and services, and that will have the opportunity to discuss benchmark and get advice about their own research work by meeting some of the best non‐European and European researchers.

A first draft agenda is available here.

This initiative is supported by the e-Knot project, funded by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020, and by the United Nation – International Committee on GNSS.