Junior Researcher on Smart Energy

Smart Energy

The Smart Energy Program of ISMB is oriented in the study and analysis of innovative application of the ICT technologies to improve current and future energy systems. No particular devotion is given to the electrical or thermal systems and both the vectors are equally target applications of ISMB, due to the transversal and enabling nature of the ICT technologies. The selected candidate for the available position will join the Smart Energy program, where he/she will be involved in research activities related to optimization of energy systems. Optimal coordination of electrical storage systems or electrical vehicles recharges, distributed optimization of energy resources to support the penetration of renewable generation or demand response actions and thermal comfort optimizations are just few of the example applications and potential tasks of this job positions.

In the short term, the selected candidate will be involved in a specific solution of an energy optimization problem like for example the cooperative and controlled electrical vehicle recharge facing the problem particularly from a modeling and algorithm perspective. In the medium-long term, the selected candidate will also be required to grow his/her competences and to proactively support other research activities and tasks according to the emerging trend of the Energy domain.

Requirements and competences
• MSc degree in electrical/electronic engineering or Computer Science
• Creative, proactive attitude joint with interest in working on development of innovative solutions
• Proficiency in at least one programming language (e.g. C/C++ or equivalently Python) and strong interest in learning new languages and software tools
• Good English level and willingness to work and interact with international, distributed teams

Preferred qualifications
• Proficient use of Linux
• Proficient use of Microsoft Office tools
• Proficient use of a modeling tool like Matlab, Modelica or Octave

Contract details
Type: fixed-term research contract
Duration: Initial duration of 12 months
Location: ISMB (Turin)

Contacts: send your info to the link http://bit.ly/2vb448b.