PasTime project kick-off meeting

23 January 2017

January 25th, in Sophia Antipolis (France), will take place the kick-off meeting of PasTime - Packaging Personalized Tourist Experiences, project funded by EIT Digital in the Digital Cities action line: 8 partners, led by the French company Amadeus, aim to revolutionize how people select and purchase tourist packages.

The project will have a direct tremendous impact on the local and hyper-local services boosting event reservations and activities, which are often under-booked, thanks to a better visibility and smart combination with other offerings. Tourist packages offer so far little or no flexibility and are not adapted for short stays, they rarely include events or specific activities that are only known by the locals and they are not personalized to users’ interests.

Big Data and machine learning are the two main ingredients of the PasTime recipe. Along with a closer look at the business implications of the different technologies being developed in the project and the solution as whole that PasTime aims to integrate in the Amadeus business line. In the project a strong scientific push will meet the business requirements of a major player.

The Innovation Development Research Area will work in the PasTime by:
- developing machine learning techniques to perform the hyper-personalization based on the concept of contextual and episodic knowledge;
- contributing to shape innovative business models for the commercialization of the PasTime outcomes.