SONNETS project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Programme SOCIETAL CHALLENGES - Europe In A Changing World - Inclusive, Innovative And Reflective Societies (H2020-EURO-6-2015, Coordination and support action). The project aims at renovating the way the public sector operates by suggesting a concrete set of actions that will place the public sector in the front line of tackling societal challenges: in particular, SONNETS delivers an innovative methodological framework to accelerate the transformation of the public sector through the identification and analysis of emerging technologies that hold the potential to transform the public sector into a technology leader and innovation carrier.

Thus, SONNETS has committed itself to the mission to foster collaboration between all relevant stakeholders by breaking down knowledge silos towards building a more productive, responsive and innovation generating public sector.

As such the project is based on the following sub-concepts, which can be witnessed as a quadruple helix:
• Needs Identification through evidence-based research approaches and methods
• Innovations Identification and Gap Analysis
• Impact generation through Community Building and Intense Networking
• Innovation Transfer through best practice identification in multidisciplinary areas and impact assessment Within this project BMPI Unit of ISMB is in charge of the identification of emerging societal needs at European level.

 More information: sonnets-project.


Innovation Development