TCBL - Textile and Clothing Business Labs

TCBL project (TEXTILE & CLOTHING BUSINESS LABS) has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Programme for research, technology development, and innovation (H2020-NMP-35-2014, Innovation Action).  

TCBL uses European T&C industry as a test-bed for evolutionary-driven co-design, dynamic optimization and deployment of business models: with the purpose to increase the performance of a sector that struggles to handle global competitive pressure, TCBL provides a brand-new business experimentation framework leveraging a network of business labs that will be set up throughout Europe based on three key variations: Design labs, Making Labs and Place labs. Each of these Labs explores the issues of cost, product/service and productivity enhancement in a transversal manner and from cross-disciplinary perspectives.

With these tools, and supported by an open Associates Programme, TCBL is going to carry out real-life experimentation and market deployment of a number of Supply Chain, Localisation, Business, Skill Management and Policy innovations involving workshops, laboratories and manufacturing plants at EU level. In addition, 10 new innovative companies will be generated within the supply chain of T&C, enabling the diffusion and scaling up of results. By so doing, a knowledge based, transformational ecosystem will be developed, integrated into an open, yet structured platform environment.

Within this project ISMB is in charge of the business modelling and policy support activities.

More information about the project: TCBL

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