Info… always on!

The project info ... always on!, started in 2016 and still in progress, is part of the program "MeetYoungCities: Social innovation and participation for young people of Italian Communes", which includes some initiatives to support the Italian municipalities to reach an evolution “sustainable and smart”, through new technologies and ICT services for the social inclusion.

In collaboration with the Centro InformaGiovani of the City of Turin and ten youth associations active in the area, “Info ... always on!” is aimed to identify new technological solutions to reduce the digital divide within generations, to increase access to public information resources for young people and to intercept new ideas and solutions.

The project aims to make public communication for the young people more effective and findable, so to increase their social inclusion and an active participation in civic life. Following the Living Lab approach and in the realm of user-centered design, the project builds new solutions upon existing assets (InformaGiovani and TorinoGiovani portals) and strives to engage teenagers and youngsters into a participatory process, to co-create new concepts, to explore related scenarios and usages, and to assess new technologies and early-stage artifacts.

In the project, the Innovation Development Research Area designed and developed the survey to investigate the young’s informative needs. The Area is also planning the Livign Lab sessions, finalized to the co-creation, with a group of final users, of an innovative prototypal service for the public communication.


Innovation Development