Innovating Content

Innovating Content has been presented and approved by Finpiemonte and Regione Piemonte in the Polo della Creatività Digitale e Multimediale, and it consists in the design and prototyping of a system allowing the creation, distribution and transmedial fruition of rich media contents, based on 3D VR scenarios, VR objects/panorama and multimedia objects. The framework is focused on virtual cultural heritage and is meeting point between museums, artists, authors and publishers. From this point of view, the project proposes to develop some methodologies and technologies to support audiovisual and 3D contents lifecycle.

The first step is the authoring of 'basic' and 'composed' interactive rich media contents, optimized for a real-time fruition; after the contents are stored, indexed and searched, also by cultural heritage standards, through a Gallery-Marketplace and finally it allows the export of the rich media scenarios on many kind of device using automated adaptation procedures: end-user will be able to play contents in different way (stand-alone application, web browser) and on different devices (pc, kiosk, stereoscopic screen, 3D caves installations, smartphone, tablet).

In this project, the Creativity &Design Innovation Research Unit has the task to develop the web platform for the Gallery Market Place and the creation of a demonstrator about a museum installation really present in Turin, developing the web platform for remote access and designing the experiences integrated inside the museum.

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