Autumn, Automotive Human Net, is a project funded by the Poli di Innovazione of the Piedmont Region with the aims of designing and prototyping new paradigms for human machine interfaces into the automotive domain: drivers can use more intuitive and less distractive touchpoints and controls, such as widgets and gesture-based controls.

Autumn project will develop a working prototype that will allow the driver to use the car's windshield as a display (head-up display) that will show information useful to increase driving safety: concepts like desktop or icons used in normal PCs are not suitable for drivers or passengers but the windshield will allow to overlay naturally information and reality, without distraction because the focus remains on primary tasks.

The new Autumn interface will help the driver to keep safe distance when the vehicle in front comes too close, projecting on the windscreen the virtual shadow of the approaching vehicle and writing the effective distance in meters. It also will help to maintain the direction, by flashing the lane line on the windscreen when we are passing, furthermore it will allow you to detect when a behind vehicle overtakes, projecting its shadow in advance even before the vehicle enters the field of view.

The team has given great attention to visual ergonomics, to detect the most suitable areas of the windshield, the types of information and the colors to use. In this project, the Innovation Development Research Area of ISMB has the task to design and develop the Head-Up Display (HUD) system and the control gesture. During the development stages, a cost-effective driving simulator will also allow the Area to test and refine the prototypes.

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