Autumn II

Autumn II is a project funded by the Poli di Innovazione of the Piedmont Region with the goal to define and develop tools allowing the integration of vehicles, mobile and web devices. It will developed technology, software and devices that will allow to experiment new services for citizens and business users.

The services that will be developed are: an Eco-Driving, a system that determines how green is the way of guid, a Fleet Management to manage a fleet of vehicles through car pooling and car sharing and the social app Parking, a system for sharing the information about the parking spots.

In the project, the Creativity & Design Innovation Reserach Unit will work on the design phase by creating a card game that facilitates the research of the main topics of mobility and on the design and development of the social app Parking, the application for mobile devices that allows users to search, ask and share parking spots.

For more information: Autumn-2.


Innovation Development