OPML Visual Lab is a collaborative project between ISMB and the local public agency for labour market analysis (OPML). The purpose of this collaboration is to use the concepts of User Experience and Data Visualization for designing and developing services aimed at the dissemination and understanding of the information collected by the agency for labour market analysis.

The visualizations created contains the information granted by the local public body for analysis of the labour market and the data are related to the province of Turin in the years between 2008 and 2012: all designed representations are visible in a web portal that allows navigation in the respective pages. The time chosen for the collection of data shows a very important period in history because it shows the real consequences of the economic crisis in employment work.

The Visual Lab OPML project gives new value to the data collected by the agency for labour market analysis, allowing users an understanding of the information collected without requiring specific knowledge base. In the project, the Innovation Development Researc Area has the task to design and create of the data visualization and to develop the website.

For more information: visual.opmltorino.it.

Innovation Development