GHOST declared as “close-to-market” product by the GSA

19 December 2016

The H2020 GHOST project, a GALILEO-based application for Smart Cities, has been declared as “close-to-market” product by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) in the “Horizon 2020 Applications in Satellite Navigation 2017” presentation.

GHOST (GALILEO-based intelligent system for vehicles as Booster of Smart Cities) is a cooperative project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon2020 framework, and its main objective is to develop and validate at an operational environment a GALILEO-based intelligent system for vehicles, in order to take advantage of the public transportation fleet routes, towards enabling development of new cross-functional applications for infrastructures maintenance in smarter cities environment.

Such systems can be exploited by the cities in order to serve both private and social benefits including:
• the maintenance of infrastructure such as lighting, road deteriorations etc.;
• the inspection of points of interests such as parking spaces, garbage - collection points etc.;
• the provision of services to the private sector such as inspection of advertisement points (billboard, bus stop, etc.).