The need to react on dynamically changing market demands is dramatically rising. One of the most imperative problems so far is to connect supply chain data and services between enterprises and to connect value chain data within a factory, so that it can meaningfully support decision-making.

The COMPOSITION project will create a digital automation framework (the COMPOSITION IIMS) that optimizes the manufacturing processes by exploiting existing data, knowledge and tools to increase productivity and dynamically adapt to changing market requirements. This technology acts as the technical operating system for business connections between factories and their suppliers. Furthermore, it opens a new space for third party entities to actively interact in the supply chain, e.g., by providing services to improve cycle time, cost, flexibility or resource usage.

In addition to the supply chain improvements, also the processes inside the company will be addressed and optimized. Data across the (multi sided) company internal value chain is integrated by an Integrated Information Management System (IIMS) with optimisation and modelling tools for resource management including innovative, multi-level, real-time cross-domain analytics including a Decision Support System.


Founding body: European Commission

Duration: 36 months (starting from 01/09/2016) 

Partners: Fraunhofer Institute, Boston Scientific Clonmel Limited, Kleeman Hellas SA, Atlantis Engineering AE, Nextworks s.r.l, Eldia SA, Univeristy College Cork, InJet APS, ETHNIKO KENTRO EREVNAS KAI TECHNOLOGIKIS ANAPTYXIS (CERTH), CNET Svenska AB, ISMB, Atos Spain SA

ISMB Research Area involved:

Emerging Trends and Opportunities
Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
Pervasive Technologies