On-board live H.264/AVC HW video encoding

Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
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• MS students in Electronic Engineering/Computer Science or equivalent
• Experience with main programming languages (C/C++)
• Basic knowledge of video processing and transmission techniques

Unmanned Aerial Systems equipped with video cameras usually require a significant bandwidth to transmit in real-time data to the ground for live analysis and mission control. State-of-the-art mobile infrastructures (3G, 4G...) nowadays offer a very time-variant channel to transmit such information so the adaptation of the video stream is a desired feature. The objective of this thesis is to study a framework able to perform an on-board live H.264/AVC video encoding by means of dedicated HW boards. Different configurations and solutions will be analyzed to gather information about performance and complexity of such a scheme. Furthermore, on-demand adaptive streaming will be studied and implemented in order to adapt the data rate to the actual channel state.

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