The project, related to the topic “Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration: development of novel clinical endpoints for clinical trials with a regulatory and patient access intention”, intends to promote an intervention via ICT (Information and Communication Technology), to promote new approach on clinical trials.

The project also intends to:
• Strengthen Europe’s efficiency in dealing with AMD
• Stimulate for an empowered approach to the pathology
• Identify an optimal scheduling regime that can grant a continuous monitoring of the pathology evolution, and the effect of a therapeutical intervention
• Develop and test intelligent monitoring devices for visual acuity that are stand alone and can feed into Longitudinally Ageing Studies and other databases

The project takes a pan-European approach in researching the most relevant factors in AMD monitoring, i.e. introducing new devices to make patient monitor their evolution, and to have better information on the effects of therapies. Our focus is on a new device 'A new Device for Degenerative age related macular diseases (DEGAS)' that can introduce a brand new idea in patient empowerment.


Smart Health