ISMB joins XMPP-IoT initiative

18 March 2016

Since March 2016, the Institute is member of the XMPP-IoT initiative, a community of developers and researchers created to define and standardize some extensions of the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol - XMPP, in order to promote its usage in the Internet of Things scenario.
ISMB is working in this field for about 10 years, sharing and extending its results reached through the participation in funded projects, as well as through the dissemination of some achievements in the scientific community.

In particular Davide Conzon, researcher of the Pervasive Technologies Area, has made a major contribution to the realization of the XMPP based middleware, named VIRTUS: thanks to his experiences, Davide has been admitted as member of the XMPP Standards Foundation, and today he is the reference person of ISMB over the XMPP-IoT initiatives.