Now available the video of the LIMPID project

25 February 2016

Now available online the video of Limpid - Live Inducement of Multimodality by Promoting the Internet of Data, project funded by the Piedmont Region in the framework of the ROP ERDF 2007-2013, with the financial support of the Italian Government. The Smart City challenge is becoming a focal point of sustainable development in modern cities. The concept is gathering lots of innovations from the ICT world. The Internet of data is a key enabling technology to the distributed knowledge and the creation of a new generation of valuale services.

Limpid's focus relies on the approach of Internet of data to many of the well- known transport issues in the city, such as traffic monitoring and traffic safety. After the success of IoTToI project (Internet of Things-road Traffic over Internet), Limpid has developed different technologies for distributed data acquisition in real time and has put this information available into SmartDataNet platform as open data. Moreover, the project has tuned a web interface of a Decision Support System to explore interactively and in real time the data gathered in the project.

The video presents briefly the partners and some of the use cases developed.