FLOODIS Project Final Review

4 December 2015

The 10th of December, ISMB will host the final review of FLOODIS, which is a collaborative European Community project coordinated by the Institute and funded under the Seventh Framework Programme, aimed at providing a flood information service that enhance flood management and alerting. It focuses on the integration of satellite navigation technologies (E-GNSS), earth observation (Copernicus EMS) and real-time warnings provided by citizens and civil protection operators through the mobile sensing paradigm.

The final review is the closing event of the project, which received very positive feedbacks during both in-field demonstrations with the civil protection of Regione Veneto and Albania. The project was also presented at the international workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction, which was co-organized with UNESCO involving many civil protection agencies, EU representatives, and other international projects relevant to DRR.
The review, coordinated by Fabrizio Dominici, Claudio Rossi and Vito Macchia from the Mobile Solutions Research Area, will be attended by all Consortium, together with the Research Executive Agency officier (Florence Béroud) and the official reviewer (Agnieszka Pietrzak).