TCBL Technical Meeting in ISMB

2 November 2015

ISMB hosts the technical meeting of the European project Textile & Clothing Business Labs (TCBL), funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Program, which involves the Innovation Development Research Area.
The main objective of the project is to increase the performance of this industry and thus to create a transformational ecosystem capable of constantly innovating the business and process models of the European Textile and Clothing sector.


The challenge is how to exploit and govern the innovative trends within the sector to strongly re-direct EU’s T&C sector away from competing on price towards competing on knowledge, to reach economic, environmental and social sustainability. TCBL uses Textiles & Clothing (T&C) as test beds for dynamic optimization and deployment of business models with the aim of increasing the industry’s productive capacity of 5% by 2025.
The technical meeting is an opportunity for defining the TCBL ecosystem architecture and the technologies used for building it; in addition, it is an occasion for setting pathways for the delivery of the incoming deliverables.