ALMANAC Project: Green Light for the Waste Collection Experimental Deployment in the City of Turin

23 September 2015

The European research project ALMANAC (Reliable Smart Secure Internet Of Things For Smart Cities), coordinated by ISMB and with the participation of the Municipality of Turin, has come to the end of its second year’s operation. Launched on the 1st of September 2013, the project aims to create a technological platform integrating some of the City’s main services, in order to respond in an optimized and tailored way to the citizens’ needs.
By leveraging the complex infrastructure of applications, sensors and devices already existing in the territory and by collecting, aggregating and controlling real-time data coming from them, the project brings to life the vision of a Smart City to Turin, implementing a citizen-centric approach and aiming to promote and achieve greener and more sustainable behaviors.

ALMANAC Platform is tested on three application areas, highly representative of the Smart City complexity: the citizen-centric domain, the waste management and water distribution domains. Regarding the first two areas, from September 28 towers for the delivery of the non-recoverable waste fraction (or undifferentiated) in underground ecological islands (UEI) from two streets of Turin will be equipped with a locking system, accessible only to authorized users with a specific electronic key.
Furthermore, the UEIs will be also equipped with fill-level sensors that will continuously send their data through the ALMANAC Platform, enabling route optimization and other cost-reducing tools for the waste management company of the city (Amiat).

Based on the obtained results, the city will evaluate the feasibility to extend the service to other UEIs in the city.