The MAESTRI Project Starts in Brussels on September 10th

8 September 2015

The official start of the MAESTRI (total resource and energy efficiency Management System for Process Industries) project will take place in Brussels on September 10th. MAESTRI is a project funded by Horizon2020 within the call Energy and resource management systems for improved efficiency in the process industries. The overall aim of this project is to encourage a culture of improvement within process industries by assisting the decision-making process, supporting the development of improvement strategies and helping to define the priorities in order to improve the company's environmental and economic performance.

Over a period of 4 years, the project will deliver exploitable results clustered into technological outputs (including eco-innovative products, processes and services tailored to industrial end-users) and structured solutions (involving technical, economical, legislative and policy solutions synergistically combined), also thanks to field trial activities. The MAESTRI Consortium, led by the Portuguese ISQ, includes 15 partners, from both the research and the industry world. ISMB, that participates through the collaboration between the Pervasive Technologies Research Area and the Smart Energy Strategic Program, will have an important role as work package leader and as ICT reference partner.