ISMB Partner of Commons Camp. One Mission: Design a Commons-Based Society

25 June 2015

The Commons Camp will take place between the 29th of June and the 10th of July 2015 at the hackerspace Rural Hub, in the wonderful town of Calvanico (Salerno). The twelve-day initiative of intensive design for a resilient future is promoted by Rural Hub and OuiShare, in collaboration with a number of prestigious scientific partners, including ISMB. The Commons Camp aims at building a collaborative society, bridging people, organizations and ideas around the themes and practises of the commons.

The Commons Camp is structured in 3 parallel labs: the Collaborative Territories Lab offers a co-design jam to develop an open toolkit for communities and local players to embrace the collaborative paradigm; while the Rural Making Lab is an hybridation path between permaculture and digital fabrication, to experiment different technologies that aims to reach energetic, food and housing self-sufficiency; in the end the Bio-Commons Lab provides a theoretical and practical experience around biohacking and bioartistic approach to reflect on the need of keeping the living a commons, and make life sciences open and decentraised.

The roster of experts invited as lecturers – selected by the Organizing Committee – includes Michele Osella, the head of Business Model and Policy Innovation Unit. During the intensive five-day program on collaborative territorial development, he will give three keynote speeches on topics such as business models for a sustainable collaborative economy, transformative forces unleashed by the collaborative paradigm and crowdsourcing as engine of public sector innovation.