The Navigation Technologies Area Published a New Paper on ION Journal

6 May 2015

The Navigation Technologies Area published a new paper on the Institute of Navigation (ION) Journal, the most influential scientific journal dedicated to satellite navigation and related applications. This is authored by Emanuela Falletti, Beatrice Motella and Micaela Troglia Gamba, and it is entitled "CSC Code Discriminator: Theoretical Analysis of Performance" (Vol. 62, No. 1, Spring 2015, pp. 39-54).

This contribution describes the multipath phenomenon and its effects, that has been studied by the Navigation Technologies' researchers for many years. In Global Navigation Satellite System - GNSS receivers, the disruptive effects due to the presence of reflected signals, the so called multipath, around the receiver antenna are well known, in particular for Safety-of-Life (SoL) environments. Among the multipath mitigation signal processing techniques, a common approach is to act on the tracking stage of the receiver to make it more robust against the multipath, by means of specific Delay Lock Loop (DLL) discrimination functions able to bear signal distortions. The paper published on the American Institute of Navigation – ION Journal presents an innovative, simple and patent-free DLL discriminator, named Combination of Squared Correlators (CSC), robust to multipath.

All the results demonstrate that the CSC discriminator is able to successfully mitigate the multipath effects even in a harsh scenario. This result is particularly important, since the mitigation of the multipath is one of the most relevant challenges for the development of new and reliable services based on satellite navigation.

The paper is available here.