The MoMa (Intelligent HUB for Mobile Mash-up over IP) project is funded by the Regional Cluster for ICT and proposes the development of a software architecture for the modelling, design and provision of information processes over IP. These processes must allow a mobile user to access existing information processes, designed to be accessed by a PC, thanks to novel digital services that provide the retrieval, the organization, the synthesis and the presentation of data (mash-up).

The software architecture will allow the definition of services for the mobile users, by using collection, mash-up and GUI (Graphical User Interface) automatic rendering mechanisms, without needing any specific logic onboard the single devices.

The architecture will be designed to be installed on servers of companies and institutions or of ASP (Application Service Provider) for the delivery in SaaS (Software as a Service).

ISMB will contribute to the project treating the wireless communication, considering the delivery of multimedia over IP, collecting data on-field and transmitting them through broadband devices. Moreover, indoor Wi-Fi localization techniques will be taken into consideration, especially in the case of a demonstrator for museum tourism.






Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions