ICIN 2015 Conference: Connecting People, Things and Machines

17 February 2015

From today to Thursday the 18th edition of the Conference Innovation in Services, Networks and Clouds (ICIN) has been taking place in Paris. That is recognized as one of the world’s leading conferences in its domain and has a track record of attracting the leading experts from all sectors of the ICT industry with high quality presentations and discussions. ICIN 2015 is organised around four tracks on Service Webification, Online Social Networks, Network IT-isation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our colleague Paolo Brizzi from the Pervasive Technologies Area is attending the conference in order to present the paper “Industrial Application Development Exploiting IoT Vision and Model Driven Programming”. It deals with the theme of the toolkits enabling the end-user to easily deploy IoT applications in the industrial ecosystem, where involved devices are heterogeneous and with proprietary system of chips, protocols and interface. The contribution introduces the ebbits platform and its software architecture, describing features like semantic devices interoperability and entity virtualization, together with Model Driven Development (MDD) toolkits, which allows dynamically selecting and locating resources or devices, thus enabling to compose mashup applications.

Full details of the ICIN 2015 advance programme containing keynotes, technical papers and tutorial can be downloaded here.