Share-PSI 2.0 Conference: ISMB Invited to Chair a Session on Open Data Economy

1st December 2014

On the 3rd and 4th of December Lisbon will host Share-PSI 2.0 Conference, which is organized by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) under the support of the European Commission. The conference – which brings together government departments, standards bodies, academic institutions, commercial organizations, trade associations and interest groups – will serve as global platform for the exchange of experience and ideas around implementing Open Data policies in the public sector.

ISMB will be represented by Michele Osella, the head of Business Model and Policy Innovation Unit, who will chair – upon invitation by the Programme Committee – the session “Open Data Economy: from Wow to How”. The main objective of this highly-interactive and participant-led session is to portray a neat and up-to-date picture of the multi-faceted mechanisms allowing entrepreneurs to turn public data into sustainable business endeavors. By addressing the blind spots still affecting the yearned-for Open Data Economy, the session aspires to generate valuable takeaways for policy makers committed to the opening of data vaults as springboard for unleashing a new wave of entrepreneurship.