Mid Term Review FLOODIS Project

28 November 2014

Fabrizio Dominici, Alfredo Favenza and Claudio Rossi will coordinate the Mid Term Review (MTR) for FLOODIS, an European project funded by FP7 Programme. The project aims at integrating GMES emergency services with satellite navigation and communication for establishing a flood information service.

The consortium is composed by ISMB (the Mobile Solution Research Area, in quality of coordinator, also responsible for system architecture, cloud systems, and mobile applications), GeoVille (as expert in geographic information systems), UNESCO (for institutional support and end-user requirements), Alpha Consultant (for business case and socio-economic analysis), ND Consult (for dissemination and testing activities, as well as for liaison with GEOSS), Terranea (for social media analysis), and EOXPLORE (for flood forecast model).

The meeting will take place at the Research Executive Agency (REA) facilities, in Bruxelles (Belgium) on Wednesday, December the 3rd. The objective is to present the current status of the project, and show the first FLOODIS Proof of Concept that will be tested in a simulated flood scenario.