ICSGS 2014: ISMB Focuses on GreenCom Project and Smart Microgrid

24 November 2014

ISMB will participate in the XII edition of the International Conference on Smart Grid Systems (ICSGS), which will take place in Istanbul (Turkey) on November 28th and 29th, 2014.The conference is an important interdisciplinary forum for researchers and practitioners which aim at the presentation and discussion of latest innovations, trends, issues and practical solutions in smart grid field.


During one of the conference sessions, Enrico Ferrera, researcher at the Pervasive Technologies (PerT) Area, will present a paper entitled "Evaluation of Short-Term Load Forecasting Techniques for Applied Micro Smart Grids". In particular, he will present the GreenCom project and discuss the issue of the use of machine-learning techniques, for short-term load forecasting into a smart microgrid.