PhD Training on Multi-Sensor Positioning | GENIUS project

22 October 2014

Gianluca Falco, a researcher at the Navigation Technologies Area, is taking part in the Multi-Sensor Positioning Training, a course organized at the University of Nottingham (UK), from 21th to 23rd of October 2014 in the framework of GENIUS, an FP7 project participated by the Navigation Technologies Research Area. The focus of the GENIUS project is to strengthen links between universities, research institutes and industry. This is achieved by providing a range of activities that include coursed for PhD students.

The course is aimed at broadening understanding and awareness of multi-sensor positioning techniques to support the research acitivities of PhD students in the field of GNSS and integrated technologies. The training is carried out through lectures and practical sessions. The course will cover:

  • GNSS errors and vulnerabilities,
  • other navigational techniques,
  • advanced computational techniques,
  • integration,
  • simultaneous location and mapping,
  • practical sessions,
  • making the most of your research and skills in business. 

The lecture given by Gianluca Falco focuses on:

  • inertial navigation equations,
  • attitude computation,
  • bias and random noise estimation.

More information on the project Website.