Smart Home Hackathon | Turin (I3P), 21-23 November 2014

7 October 2014

ISMB is looking forward to meet you at the Smart Home Hackaton, between Friday 21 and Sunday 23 November 2014. It’s a competition of ideas and fast prototyping promoted by the Energy@home Association, hosted and sponsored by I3P, the Incubator of the Politecnico di Torino.

During this weekend participants will be able to prototype their idea thanks to the consultancy of subject matter experts and by using pre-commercial prototypes made available by the Energy@home Member Companies: the connected whitegoods of Indesit Company, the smart meter of Enel Distribuzione, the home gateway and the service platform of Telecom Italia, as well as the home automation devices of Flexgrid and Urmet.

The Hackathon is dedicated to the Smart Home, here meant as an eco-system of communicating devices and integrated value added services for the end customer. The best three projects will be awarded the products and services kit made available by the Association Members.

Information for attending the event is already available on the official Website, while updates will be published in the forthcoming days also through our social channels.

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