ISMB Invited to Join the ION GNSS SDR Metadata Working Group

9 October 2014

The world's largest technical conference on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology, products and services recognized the excellence of the ISMB research activities in this field. Thanks to the networking activities at the ION GNSS+ 2014, which took place in September 8-12 in Tampa (Florida), ISMB was invited to join the ION GNSS SDR Metadata Working Group.

The Istituto Superiore Mario Boella will be represented by Alfredo Favenza, researcher at the Mobile Solutions Area, who takes part in the prestigious international working group. The ION GNSS SDR Metadata Working Group was formed in April 2014, after the approval by the Council of Institute of Navigation (ION), which is responsible for the organization of the ION GNSS+ Conference. The group is represented by selected members from academia, industry, non-profit research institutions and government agencies. At present, the representation of the group has an international value and covers North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.