ISMB for Green Urban Living: Green Hackfest 2014

9 October 2014

ISMB will wait for you from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th of October 2014 at the Green Hackfest event to be held in Utrecht (the Netherlands): a competition of business ideas and rapid prototyping in which the Institute participates in the role of ebbits project member, providing concrete support for the overall duration of the event. The argument of the hackathon is indeed the green smart factory, a system of interconnected devices and integrated services that provides information on energy consumption and pollution in the individual stages of a production chain.

In just one weekend participants will be able to create prototypes in the field of smart green factory, basing their developments on a range of software APIs and on a set of data on the production line energy consumption. It will be the duty of the competitors to create a new way to use or value-added applications on the basis of available information, with the ultimate goal of improving the efficiency and better monitoring the production chain.

This year the prizes are:

  • Best overall hack: €3,000
  • Best student hack: €2,500 (IBM Bluemix Student Award)
  • Oneplanetcrowd brief: €2,000
  • ebbits brief 1st prize: €2,500
  • ebbits brief 2nd prize: €1,000
  • ebbits brief 3rd prize: €500
  • Bikenomics brief: €1,000
  • Visualizing sustainability: €1,000

On the Webpage of the event, you can find information to participate (registration procedures, program of the weekend, etc...).