FP7 STREP: Energy-efficient Buildings

SEEMPubS (Smart Energy Efficient Middleware for Public Spaces) specifically addresses reduction in energy usage and CO2 footprint in existing Public buildings and Spaces without significant construction works, by an intelligent ICT-based service-based monitoring and management of energy consumption.

Special attention will be paid to historical buildings to avoid damage by extensive retrofitting.
SEEMPubS will provide control of appliances to effortlessly optimise energy efficiency usage without compromising comfort or convenience and offering decision makers strategies and tools needed to plan energy saving measures. SEEMPubS will make use of the service-oriented middleware for embedded systems being developed in the Hydra project and use its huge potential to create services and applications across heterogeneous devices to develop an energy-aware platform. The SEEMPubS platform will provide necessary functionality and tools to add energy efficiency features to monitor dynamic sensor data, in real time taking advantage of natural resources (like daylight and solar energy) and control the operation of both passive and active environmental systems to ensure the best possible comfort conditions with the most efficient use of energy. SEEMPubS will use its real-time energy-awareness services for all users of the Public Spaces and combine awareness services with a community portal. This will enable collective, community activity motivating positive competition in saving energy, complemented by courses on towards the education on energy efficiency and sustainability. SEEMPubS will elaborate the most significant research results in standards and in a model for existing buildings and public spaces in Europe.

The PerT Lab is mainly involved in work package (WP) 3 “Public Energy Awareness and user interaction” that aims at creating tools to involve users into interaction with the SEEMPubS system and to create ambient awareness of the energy status of public space in several ways.
This WP concerns aspects on how regular users and also people occasionally frequenting the public spaces could be attracted to monitor the energy status of the public space with the use of ambient energy awareness components and services running on public displays or other HMI solutions.

The work package will provide a public energy awareness community portal to interact with the SEEMPubS system that will provide mobile access on smart phones as well as on large public displays. The portal will offer opportunities to inform users about the current energy consumption, e.g. small instructive e-learning units or competitions on how to reduce energy consumption.
The WP will also develop an intelligent Context Energy Awareness Service Framework capable of managing sensor data and events across different contexts and situations in the SEEMPubS architecture. Such framework will provide specific context aware services that will offer ambient feedback on the energy status of public spaces and the situational context, aggregating and fusing data from different heterogeneous sub-systems and sensors spread into the environment.
The services will provide a broad ensemble to both energy awareness and energy control.

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