The EBBITS project (Enabling business-based Internet of Things and Services – An Interoperability platform for a real-world populated Internet of Things domain) aims to develop architecture, technologies and processes, which allow businesses to semantically integrate the Internet of Things into mainstream enterprise systems and support interoperable real-world, on-line end-to-end business applications.

It will provide semantic resolution to the Internet of Things and hence present a new bridge between backend enterprise applications, people, services and the physical world, using information generated by tags, sensors, and other devices and performing actions on the real-world.

The PerT Lab is involved in most of the technical activities of the project, leading work package (WP) 8 ”Physical World Sensors and Networks” which aims at developing a secure network and communication infrastructure and semantic integration of physical world objects into the ebbits platform. Key contributions to WP8 are:

  • Integration of the Physical World into the ebbits platform through Physical World adaptation layer;
  • Opportunistic communication and information propagation paradigms in the P2P-based network;
  • Contribution to design and development of the ebbits Network Management and distributed security framework.

Additionally, the PerT Lab contributes significantly to WP5 “Centralised and Distributed Intelligence” with activities in the area of Multi-sensory fusion in sensor networks and to WP10 “End-to-end Business Applications” designing and setting up the networking infrastructure.



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