ISMB Will Attend the ICTON 2014

2 July 2014

ISMB will take an active part in the 16th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON), taking place from the 16th to the 20th of June 2014 in Graz (Austria). The event focuses on the applications of transparent and all-optical technologies in telecommunications, computing and novel applications, and is promoted by the National Institute of Telecommunications, Department of Transmission and Optical Technologies in Warsaw, together with the Institute of Microwave and Photonic Engineering of the Graz Technical University, and the IEEE Photonics Society Poland Chapter.

In particular ISMB will present two papers dealing with the FABULOUS project* and one poster** dedicated to Fiber-lasers, authored by researchers of the Applied Photonics Research Area. Moreover Silvio Abrate, head of this Research Area at ISMB, will coordinate a session on Optical Access Networks (13:50-15:30, Tuesday, July 8).

Agenda here.

Title: System aspects of the FDMA PON conceived within the FABULOUS European project
Authors: S. Straullu, A. Nespola, P. Savio, J. Chang, V. Ferrero, A. Lebreton, J. Le Masson, R. Dong, P. Chanclou, B. Charbonnier, S. Abrate, and R. Gaudino
Title: FDMA-PON and NG-PON2: Performance and cost comparison
Authors: S. Abrate, R. Gaudino, B. Charbonnier, B. Charbonnier, S. Menezo, E. Temporiti, Guang-Hua Duan, and P. O’Brian

Title: CW cladding pumped phosphate glass fibre laser operating at 1.054 µm
Authors: N.G. Boetti, J. Lousteau, E. Mura, S. Abrate, and D. Milanese