Open Data: ISMB Won the Best Paper Award at CeDEM 2014

ISMB received the prestigious CeDEM14 Best Paper Award at the International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2014, which brought together at the Danube University in Krems (Austria) worldwide high-caliber experts to reflect on policy challenges that today's society faces in dealing with digital technologies. During the closing ceremony of the conference, the Program Committee awarded as CeDEM14 best paper “Breaking Public Administrations’ Data Silos: The case of Open-DAI, and a Comparison between Open Data Platforms”, which is the result of a study developed jointly by ISMB and the Nexa Center of the Polytechnic of Turin.

The study – authored by Michele Osella (head of the Business Model & Policy Innovation Research Unit at ISMB), Raimondo Iemma and Federico Morando (respectively managing director and director of Research & Policy at Nexa Center) – presents a multidimensional juxtaposition of platforms used by governmental bodies to release public information as open data. Drawing on a selection of international policy documents, the paper distills a set of criteria that supports public decision makers in choosing the most suitable open data technological solution to meet their needs.
Afore-mentioned award represents the culmination of a rewarding research journey that the Business Model & Policy Innovation Research Unit has conducted in the realm of the economics of public data, becoming a leading research group in the European landscape.